We are not Homo sapiens, Wise Man. We are the third chimpanzee.

What distinguishes us from the ordinary chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo chimpanzee (Pan paniscus), is something far more subtle than our enormous brain.

It is what that brain makes possible. 

And the most significant contribution that our large brain made to our approach to the universe was to endow us with the power of story.
We are Pan narrans, the storytelling ape.

The Science of Discworld II - Terry Pratchett, Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart

Who we are

Pan Narrans is a Belfast based company dedicated to telling stories.

Pan Narrans was founded by Michael Patrick, a Belfast actor and theatre maker, and Oisín Kearney, a director and filmmaker originally from Warrenpoint. They met at the University of Cambridge, Michael studying Physics and Oisín reading Politics, Psychology and Sociology.

With his scientific background Michael and is very interested in the science behind storytelling and how our brains are wired to explain and discover the world around us using narratives. 

Oisín approaches stories differently and his study of politics has fed into his interest in how stories shape society. He is fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves, and how these narratives need to be challenged if we are to move on.

Pan Narrans has created work at The Lyric Theatre, The Barracks, Accidental Theatre, Belfast Culture Night, and is continuing to explore storytelling in any medium, be it live or filmed.

If you'd like to collaberate on anything, if you are a producer, writer, director, actor, designer, or just an interesting person - we want to hear from you! See ways to contact us here.

What's New

We have currently obtained the exclusive rights to adapt Enda Walsh's play How These Desperate Men Talk to screen.

This is an incredible opportunity for a young Belfast company, and we want to make the most of it.

Owen McCavana & Michael Patrick in our staged version of How These Desperate Men Talk (Belfast Culture Night 2015)

Owen McCavana & Michael Patrick in our staged version of How These Desperate Men Talk (Belfast Culture Night 2015)

We plan to shoot the film in July this year and at the moment are looking for funding.

If fully funded, we will be providing work for 16 emerging film artists in Belfast. This will be a labour of love for everyone involved, but as jobbing creatives ourselves we know that it is not always possible to expect people to give up their time and energy for free.

If you would like to help us reach our funding goal, plese see ways to contact us here.