How These Desperate Men Talk - Culture Night Belfast

Culture Night Belfast 2015 is nearly upon us! The city centre will soon be taken over by poets, magicians, stand-ups, musicians and visual artists of all kinds. However, one of the arts has been conspicuously missing over the last few years - theatre. We're hoping to change that. 

The dip in/ dip out nature of the night makes it very difficult to plan long-form traditional theatre. With so much to explore, who would want to sit down and watch an hour-long theatre piece? Pan Narrans have chosen to take advantage of this, to create something truly unique and interesting.

"How These Desperate Men Talk" by Enda Walsh shows two men locked in a struggle to get their stories straight. Their conversation flows back and forth, looping back on itself countless times. How long have they been talking? Hours? Days? Weeks? Years?

To emphasise the cyclical nature of the play, we are performing the whole thing on repeat for over two hours. Without stopping.

Why should you come to see it?

Each show is only about 10 minutes. You can stay for one, or stay for longer to enjoy the repetitive, cyclical nature of dialogue.  There will be roughly 15 showings in total!


It doesn't matter if you arrive in the middle of the scene - we'll soon roll round to the top again!

Not only is this theatre, but a test of endurance for the actors. Can they perform this scene on repeat, without faltering or stuttering? Will the show mutate throughout the course of the night?


"How These Desperate Men Talk" is on at Culture Night Belfast on the 18th Sept from 7pm to 9.30pm, outside the Premier Inn on Waring Street.