Ghost Stories Update - meeting on Monday 12th Oct!

Ghost Stories Update – 

Looks like it’s going to go ahead on Thursday 29th October. We will be operating on a profit share, and any money we make will be split evenly among every person involved (although it’s likely to be very very little, if any at all – but we want to be fair!)

We will be having a meeting on Monday the 12th October – 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Garrick Pub. Here we will try and create a rough running order for the show and match actors up with writers/directors to create wee teams.

Writers: Please send us any scripts you’d like us to consider before Sunday 11th October. Send as many as you like! If you need more time to finish your script, please send us a rough outline by Sunday - so we get a chance to get an idea of what is out there before Monday.
Directors: Let us know if you’d like to direct a script you currently have or if you’d like to read through other people’s scripts
Actors: We will be going through the scripts on the meeting so do come along and have a look at what you'd like to be involved in.

We know there's not much time between Monday the 12th and Thursday the 29th, so that's why we're looking for shorter pieces (ten min or less) more short pieces would be better than fewer longer ones (although if a group feel they're up for something longer - let us know!)

Again, if there's an existing poem or monologue or song or whatever you'd like to tackle yourself - let us know!

Hopefuly see you on Monday,

Mick and Oisín