How These Desperate Men Talk

Pan Narrans are making their first film!

Owen McCavana and Michael Patrick in How These Desperate Men Talk at Belfast Culture Night 2015

Owen McCavana and Michael Patrick in How These Desperate Men Talk at Belfast Culture Night 2015

We have obtained the exclusive rights to adapt Enda Walsh's How These Desperate Men Talk into a short film. We staged a street theatre performance of the script as part of Belfast Culture Night in 2015, and have been working on adapting the script for screen ever since. Now, with the permission of Enda Walsh we are finally going ahead. Although we have all worked on many films in the past, this will be the first film made under the Pan Narrans name, and we are very excited!

Enda Walsh’s other work includes the screenplay for Hunger (2008), the stage adaptation of Once (2011), and countless award winning theatre productions in both the UK and Ireland. This is an incredible opportunity for a young Belfast company, and we want to make the most of it.

The film is currently in pre-production, and we are looking for funding. If you would like to help out in any way, please contact us here.


A massive thank you to everyone who came to see our reading of These Days, The Lough at accidental theatre. We had a great time performing it and got some invaluable feedback. If you'd like to know more about Michael Phoenix, or the play, please do get in touch.

Our second show in March has also been announced!

Bash: Latter-Day Plays by Neil laBute

This will be on at the end of the month, 24th - 26th March, at TheatreofplucK

More info on the show page

New Productions

After a long absence, Pan Narrans are now in talks for not one, not three, but TWO POSSIBLE SHOWS in March 2016.

Of course it could all blow up in our faces and absolutely nothing could happen... in which case we are terribly sorry for raising your hopes... but watch this space! We will hopefully be announcing something soon.


Fast and Loose

Accidental Theatre present FAST AND LOOSE

On Saturday the 28th November friends of Pan Narans - Accidental Theatre - will be hosting FAST AND LOOSE at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

Pan Narrans' Michael Patrick and Oisín Kearney will both be involved in the night. Please do give it a look!

More info on the accidental theatre website - here

Tickets from the lyric box office - here

Fast & Loose is a 24-hour takeover of the Lyric, creating & premiering four new plays in just one day. At 9 p.m. on Friday, four writers are given a selection of random inspirations & just twelve hours to write a short play each. Then at 9 a.m. on Saturday, four directors, twelve performers and six stage crew arrive & start rehearsing each new play, which all premiere that very night, Saturday 28th November at 9 p.m. Join us for this bold & breathless experiment in playmaking.
Embrace the unknown.

Ghost Stories Update - meeting on Monday 12th Oct!

Ghost Stories Update – 

Looks like it’s going to go ahead on Thursday 29th October. We will be operating on a profit share, and any money we make will be split evenly among every person involved (although it’s likely to be very very little, if any at all – but we want to be fair!)

We will be having a meeting on Monday the 12th October – 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Garrick Pub. Here we will try and create a rough running order for the show and match actors up with writers/directors to create wee teams.

Writers: Please send us any scripts you’d like us to consider before Sunday 11th October. Send as many as you like! If you need more time to finish your script, please send us a rough outline by Sunday - so we get a chance to get an idea of what is out there before Monday.
Directors: Let us know if you’d like to direct a script you currently have or if you’d like to read through other people’s scripts
Actors: We will be going through the scripts on the meeting so do come along and have a look at what you'd like to be involved in.

We know there's not much time between Monday the 12th and Thursday the 29th, so that's why we're looking for shorter pieces (ten min or less) more short pieces would be better than fewer longer ones (although if a group feel they're up for something longer - let us know!)

Again, if there's an existing poem or monologue or song or whatever you'd like to tackle yourself - let us know!

Hopefuly see you on Monday,

Mick and Oisín

Ghost Stories

Halloween is roughly one month away! Kids will be trick-or-treating, pumpkins will be carved, and all over the country people will be dressing up in wacky costumes that have nothing at all to do with being scary.

Where's the spooky, creepy and ghostly Halloween? That's what we want to know.

Pan Narrans want to host a night of good old fashioned ghost stories. We've been talking to the great people at Accidental Theatre about using their brilliant space, but to really make it happen we need more people!

We want you to share your ghostly tales with us and get involved!

If you want to perform on the night, or direct, or write something, or help organise it, anything at all! Do get in touch - more details on our production page

How These Desperate Men Talk - Culture Night Belfast

Culture Night Belfast 2015 is nearly upon us! The city centre will soon be taken over by poets, magicians, stand-ups, musicians and visual artists of all kinds. However, one of the arts has been conspicuously missing over the last few years - theatre. We're hoping to change that. 

The dip in/ dip out nature of the night makes it very difficult to plan long-form traditional theatre. With so much to explore, who would want to sit down and watch an hour-long theatre piece? Pan Narrans have chosen to take advantage of this, to create something truly unique and interesting.

"How These Desperate Men Talk" by Enda Walsh shows two men locked in a struggle to get their stories straight. Their conversation flows back and forth, looping back on itself countless times. How long have they been talking? Hours? Days? Weeks? Years?

To emphasise the cyclical nature of the play, we are performing the whole thing on repeat for over two hours. Without stopping.

Why should you come to see it?

Each show is only about 10 minutes. You can stay for one, or stay for longer to enjoy the repetitive, cyclical nature of dialogue.  There will be roughly 15 showings in total!


It doesn't matter if you arrive in the middle of the scene - we'll soon roll round to the top again!

Not only is this theatre, but a test of endurance for the actors. Can they perform this scene on repeat, without faltering or stuttering? Will the show mutate throughout the course of the night?


"How These Desperate Men Talk" is on at Culture Night Belfast on the 18th Sept from 7pm to 9.30pm, outside the Premier Inn on Waring Street.