"Who ya gonna call?"

  • Co-production with Accidental Theatre and Amadan
  • A search for Ghosts at 12-13 Shaftsbury Square
  • Performed Haloween 2017

12-13 Shaftsbury Square, Belfast. You all know the building from the outside. It's the one with the big screen on it. But what's going on behind the walls?

Over the last six months the space has been transformed into a theatre and artististic hub by Accidental Theatre and Amadan. But not everyone is happy about it...

There have been strange rumblings, unexplained noises, creepy feelings. Have they unearthed something that shouldn't have been disturbed? We wanted to find out.

After seeking advice from professional ghost hunters, we explored the building, from basement to attic. Our own Michael Patrick hosted the proceedings from the safety of the theatre, while Amadan's Jude Quinn & Gemma Mae Halligan along with Accidental's Emily DeDakis explored the building (with the help of a few volunteers). We streamed these explorations live to the Theatre where we called upon our audience to help decipher any and all ghostly messages.

What resulted was an interactive theatrical experience unlike any other in Belfast.